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Model: MIR-355026
Hmotnost produktu: 0.210 kg
Termín dodání: 24 hodin 
Přepravní náklady: žádná. PLN
Výrobce: Mirage Hobby

"Kubuś" - Improvised Armored Car was designed and built by the insurgents of the Warsaw Uprising as one of the few
constructions of this type built in the besieged city engulfed with armed uprising. As such, it belongs to the very few constructions of
this type which came to existence world-wide during World War II.It was built by the soldiers of The Home Army (Armia Krajowa - AK) Tactical
Groupement “Krybar” between 8 and 23 August 1944 in the workshops of the Warsaw Power Plant in Powiśle ([Vistula] "river-bank") district...

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Francesco Benedettini

Gian Luca Cocchi Italy

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Paweł Siemiński

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Katarzyna Manikowska

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Bartosz Stawski

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Steven Zaloga

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